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Come to think of it, if we're continually picking up stone chips and cracked windshields, the staff is probably keeping pace with traffic or enticing it to get out of our way, so maybe the uptick in fuel economy isn't due to more highway driving but from increased drafting behind other vehicles.

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Either way, we will take it as a win and keep chugging to 40, miles. Lonely is the life of a hybrid in the Car and Driver long-term fleet. Extra lonely is the life of the long-termer with the current honor of being the least powerful. Like the last kid sitting on the bench at recess, our Honda Insight 's key hangs on our car board, last to be picked for the hunger games we call lunch.

But that's okay, because while the familiarity of moderately paced city driving may breed contempt in some of our staff, the Insight mostly acquits itself with crafty tech, comfortable seats, and decent fuel economy. The Insight's droning engine, which we covered previously, is the main reason staffers shy away from taking the car on long trips. But those who have done so have returned with a better respect for the Honda. The seats prove more than adequate for an extended voyage, which is something the Insight's tiny, The meager fuel supply means we've had to stop for refills every or so miles.

It is worth noting that a similar Insight beat its mpg EPA highway estimate by 2 mpg on our mph highway fuel-economy test. Our Insight's roughly 14, miles thus far have not been completely uneventful. After a quick look, our local dealer found that the condenser a heat exchanger that looks like a radiator in the front of the car had been damaged by what we assume was road debris.

On the upside, service is practically pocket change. In addition to contributing to the car's droning highway character, the winter tires we fitted in January, a set of perfectly fine OE-size Bridgestone Blizzak WS80s, hampered the Insight's fuel economy a bit. At about a third of the way through our test, we're now averaging 38 mpg, up 1 mpg from the initial miles set on winter tires. One comment in the Insight's logbook noted that the engine's startup was uncharacteristically lumpy, so much so that passengers could feel the 1.

It smoothed out in a few miles yet has since been noticed on more than one occasion. While it's not so rough as to warrant a separate trip to the dealer, we'll be sure to ask the service techs to take a close look at the Insight's engine mounts when it goes in for its next scheduled service. Such is the life of the loneliest long-term car in our fleet. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. From feet it may look like we got another long-term Civic sedan in Cosmic Blue hue and Touring trim, just like the one that left our office months ago, but a Civic this Insight is not.

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Not that there is anything wrong with the color; we just prefer a little more differentiation among our fleet cars. But it so happens that Honda has positioned its third-gen Insight to be a lot more like the 10Best-winning Civic than ever before. No more is the Insight an ultraniche product that looks different from anything else in the showroom.

2020 Honda Insight

The Insight essentially takes the place of a Civic hybrid by sharing its architecture and Indiana assembly facility with the Civic sedan. You're now logged in as and will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. Would you like us to send you price alerts?

Yes please Not now. We've saved this car for you! Alerts Set! Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, and on your phone! Info Make the most of your shopping experience! Log In Create Account. Save Cars and continue your research later at home or on the go with your phone! Compare all your cars at once from one place, side-by-side! Get notified by email or text message when a car you're interested in drops in price! Hide Show. Search Search our inventory…. Interior cargo volume : L 15 cu.

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Interior maximum cargo volume : L 15 cu. Evening Phone. Sorry, no offers available at this time.

Here's the 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid on Everyman Driver

Please check back later! First and Best Car. The thing I like the most about this car is that nothing was really sacrificed for the efficiency of a hybrid. It's the best in it's class in for a reason. Great car to drive in any mode, but sports mode is probably my favorite. The brakes, handling, and suspension are top notch. The one real downside is fuel capacity, which was probably to reduce the overall weight of the car.

Considering the mpg, that's hardly a problem since I almost forget to go to the pump. Honda of Tiffany Springs -. We had just had our first cold night of the season, and I turned my heater on to get the car toasty. For years, if I smelled something like pancake syrup in the car, I thought I must have an antifreeze leak and it was being burnt somewhere.

I brought the car in, and service adviser Jason Fry, who had my coolant system and heating system checked out, but found nothing and sent me on my way. It was that turning on the heater that warmed up that platter and produced the smell. Sorry, Jason. By the way, about a week later I had my Odyssey in to replace the timing belt at , miles and it needed a new tensioner as well.

That service was quick, thorough, and I got a little discount as well but I won't tell. My first hybrid. I still cannot believe the Insight is a hybrid.


So cute and sassy looking. Fun to drive and the gas mileage is just astounding. This car is very comfortable and I enjoy the safety features. See all 55 photos. Victory Chevrolet -. Veey Impressed. Great commuter. Purchased this vehicle as a commuter. I was not looking forward to owning a commuter until I found this vehicle. It looks and feels very similar to an accord but has the mileage of a Prius. Ultimate Motorsports Inc. Great Experience! We were very impressed with our experience at Ultimate Motorsport!

Quinton Kirk was great and was very helpful in making our purchase a seamless one. He provided us with excellent customer service and followed up in a timely manner to let us know our car was ready. Thanks Quinton! If you??? Reach out to Quinton Kirk at to help find your next car! Most comfortable, hi-tech Car. This car gets incredible mileage and I love the high-tech features.

This car is comfortable - and I just love driving it. This is the best car I ever owned and I can't believe the low price. This is a hybrid that I feel good about driving. Go ask for Tr. I had a unique situation as someone did the financing for me to purchase so my experience wasnt as the direct buyer.

I was with the person who they thought was the "buyer" Ill have to get detailed correctly myself no biggie. Its sales so I get it Mercedes Inspection deemed car was good mechanical condition no major problems. Only the cosmetic which was no biggy as inspector said there was NO impact from an accident. Overall I would travel back purchase another car. If you expecting top notch sparkling shining 5 star perfection you wont find it here..

Id recommend you ask for Traci for your saleman.. Dont let a women salesman scare you cause she really was great! I love my new Insight. This car is fun to drive and very comfortable inside. It looks like a standard sedan and I feel it is quieter and substantial than the Prius I was driving.