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Ultimately, the screen is important, but it's not the be all and end all.

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It doesn't make a bit of difference to the audio or how easy the TV is to use and you shouldn't discount a TV based purely on what screen it has. The low cost of 4K sets means there isn't any reason to choose a Full HD model anymore. Even though there isn't nearly as much 4K content as HD, our research has found that the best 4K sets are better at displaying video at all resolutions. These TVs have four times the pixels of HD models, so can display sharper detail and more vibrant images.

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The best TVs we've tested have all been 4K; head to our top five TVs for page to see which impressed us most. For a similar price you could find slightly larger 40 to inch TVs, some of which have a higher-quality 4K Ultra HD screen. Better motion processing is a hallmark of premium TVs, which means they will often produce smoother pictures, while cheaper models can sometimes judder. With the TV market continually shifting towards larger screens, there are fewer top-quality sets smaller than 49 inches each year. But bear in mind that with TV bezels the frame around the screen shrinking, larger sets might not be as big as you think, especially if you haven't bought a new TV in a few years.

Our TV size guide tool takes into account how far away you sit from your TV to give you your ideal size. There are plenty of TV brands all vying for your attention and money.

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Samsung is the market leader in TVs, followed closely by LG. Both have huge ranges spanning cheap TVs to high-end, big-screen sets costing thousands of pounds. Sony and Panasonic don't have the market share they used to, but they are far from being small brands. Panasonic aside it usually has the smallest line-up , all the leading manufacturers release a similar number of TVs each year, and they follow much the same trends when it comes to size, too. You won't find many inch sets, but there's no shortage of TVs 49 inches and above.

Aside from these four TV giants, there are various fringe brands, such as Toshiba , Sharp and Philips. These TVs are generally cheap, but the models we've tested usually lack quality. You can read more about supermarket-brand TVs in our supermarket TV guide.

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Chinese manufacturer Hisense may one day be on par with Samsung and LG in terms of brand recognition, but it's not quite there yet. Despite not being a household name, its TVs undercut rivals while offering similar specs and stylish designs, making them an attractive prospect for anyone looking for a high-end TV without a matching price.

TVs with curved screens started to emerge a few years ago, first on high-end premium TVs but gradually filtering down to more affordable models. But they have recently fallen out of favour and now only Samsung includes them in its line-ups. Despite manufacturers' claims that curved TVs can enhance your viewing experience by 'wrapping' the picture around you, a bit like watching a film at the IMAX cinema, our expert and independent testing suggests otherwise. We've found the curved effect is minimal at best and is only really visible if you're watching the screen while sitting perfectly straight on something most people rarely do.

Bear in mind, too, that if you want to wall-mount your TV, a curved model won't sit as flush as a flatscreen will. Plus, a curved screen can look a bit odd, or even warped, when viewed from an angle. That means we see the breadth of each manufacturer's ranges, from budget 32 and inch sets up to range-topping TVs.

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This inch is an important TV for LG. It's a top-tier set with the best features and technology LG has created, but it's not stupidly expensive. High-end TVs are lovely to ogle in John Lewis, but few us would consider buying one. Even budget models aren't short on features and it tends to be the technology and components that separate cheap TVs from expensive ones rather than what they actually do. In this guide 7 articles. Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products.

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Popular TVs compared. Your browser does not support the video tag. What TV is best for you? There's more to consider with TVs than just how big the size. Use our choosing tool to see everything a modern TV is capable of and discover more about the features that matter to you.

How much should I spend? Twin-tuner PVRs can record two shows at once. Freeview Play - you can scroll back through the previous week's TV within its digital programme guide. HDR - improves contrast, making whites crisper and blacks deeper, and there are several different formats to get to grips with. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Movers List.

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