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iPHONE 5S In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Does this mean the iPhone 6 launch is nearing? In a move that could signal the imminent launch of iPhone 6, Walmart is drastically cutting its iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S prices.

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The updated prices are for in-store purchases only and start on Friday at 9 a. Typically, as Apple gears up to release its new iPhone, retailers cut prices of their current phones. Besides Walmart, other retailers are starting to offer lower prices and deals for the iPhone 5C and 5S. For example, Best Buy launched a weekend-long program in May that let users trade in old versions of their iPhones for the 5C and 5S at steeply discounted prices. The lowered iPhone 5S and 5C phone prices aren't the only indication that the alleged iPhone 6 is forthcoming.

Apps - As stated above believe that mobile technology of today is very advance is incorrect.

iPhone Xs Max - A Perfect Blend of Beauty and Performance

Each and every application is need to be made on the very phone for which you are developing it for. Each phone is different so developers need to develop it for each device which is not possible. This is why apple produce now only 2 a year and apps on your devices crashes. Otherwise apps - Movies and Music are available to download for price which are not too high. Downloading them free is actually illegal. LTE Ready. India will have LTE by September Security - After blackberry this most secured OS. Screen - though 4 inch but you shall never feel it small.

Limited Storage - In order to tackle piracy apple cannot give expandable memory. Those who give they don't have that kind of library of music and Movies. Camera - Best of the rest. All picture look exactly real especially the Sky. Forget MP it is all about zooming. We take picture at close of 2Metre max so why you need more than 8 MP?? Front Camera is heaven for Selfie.

Otherwise Hardware- 1 GB and Dual core only?? OS and apps are optimize as per the Hardware and vice versa thus no issue. Those Quad core and Octa Core phones are no match for iphones as former are simply upgraded to to bridge the Gap of app compatibility issue. Metal body Fringerprint scanner - give it a miss it is still at very initial stage. It delivers each and every thing with perfection. Blazing fast processor.

Well optimized OS. A great looking phone not only looks but also it excels in performance too. Nice phone! Pankajs Shukla Jul 26, on Gadgets Recommends.

Apple iPhone 5s Price in India

The Next Big thing: iPhone5s! The biggest thing to happen to iPhone after iPhone?. No guesses, its iPhone5. The amount of anticipations, the anxiety, and the speculations built all come from the name itself.

And the statistics provided by Apple claims its success; there were 2 million pre-orders in 24 hours! The gizmo is 7. The phone boasts of 4 inch screen. Other features to look out for are its 8 MP camera, 1. The finger print scanner is also introduced and is a great way to secure the phone.

The phone is available in space grey, silver and gold and the back adorns a 2-toned effect, which is visually impeccable! The battery backup is quite cool with mAh. The antennae problem has been solved further, with an advanced form being used.

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It has a sleek body design and feels much good in hand while using it. Though there are complaints by the users of the aluminium covering chipping off, the phone doesn?

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Another odd step is moving the headphone jack down as now with the phone in your pocket, you need to juggle while connecting headset to the port. Despite all this, the gadget manages to woo you by its faster performance, sleek feel in the hand, enhanced multimedia performances, smooth chassis and 4G technology. The pros outweigh the cons. I recommend you to go for this phone!

Well Featured Phone but Still lacks Innovation!